Adithya Advertising is an emerging leader in selective mass communication systems for sending SMS alerts. For resellers, Adithya Advertising is the ideal provider of bulk SMS gateways for sending text message alerts to cell phones and mobile devices.

We are soliciting enquiries from channel partners across the country in Metros as well as the 'A' and 'B' class cities to enable high penetration in mobile SMS messaging software and services markets as there is a huge untapped potential waiting to be explored. Our Partner Program's objective is to leverage our strengths along with our Partners to help achieve quick growth in the business of providing SMS Solutions to customers.


You can start your own branded SMS reseller website with our web server connectivity. You buy message units from us at a wholesale price and then resell them to your customers in small batches at whatever price you want. The more customers you have, the more messages they send and the more messages you buy the lesser is your SMS cost.

The higher the price per message you charge them, the more money you make. These partners sell directly to the end-user and are completely involved in the sales and closing process. These partners have full access to the Adithya Advertising channel's support and marketing resources. Our reseller system is a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to manage the users account.


    MarkWhite Label Panel with API

  • MarkMulti Level Reseller
  • Lightning fast Delivery in ~10 Seconds
  • MarkUser Friendly Interface & API's
  • MarkSend to 5 Lakh+ Nos at Once
  • Mark100% Delivery on Active Numbers
  • MarkSend Group, Scheduled SMS
  • Mark99.99% Server Uptime
  • MarkUpload from Excel file
  • MarkSender ID addition Privileges
  • MarkMultiple Routes Available
  • MarkMonitor User Activity

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